I am self-taught pastel artist. My approach to art is polymorphic in nature; in that it represents many different forms. I generally create art that is organic in nature. However, I also create works based on intuitive geometry. At the core of all my work lies the concept of improvisation and how improvisation relates to the subconscious mind. I did not go to fine art school; so my work is uniquely unique and is allowed to break all the normal rules of composition. I sometimes strictly adhere to the idea of randomness when I create a work. This randomness involves shading, dimension, color and shapes. I was a jazz musician before I started to experiment with art. Thus, improvisation is a very important aspect to creating art for me. Also, classical music plays a major role in the way my mind creates improvisations in art. From my perspective, there are no rules to go by. Everything is art and everything is ok. Every color is unique and has a voice that one can hear. I believe heavily in the concept that art causes a reaction in the viewer. A simple straight line, a curve , a certain combination of colors; all produce a unique emotional response in the viewer.


I simply call my style "improvisatory". At the core, it comes from Jazz Improvisation. End Of Story


Like all artists, I would prefer that all humans like my art. But I know that all humans are not serious classical or jazz musicians. I know that all humans are not interested in Eastern philosophy or , from the western perspective, Jungian psychoanalysis. I think that the audience of my art is only the serious collector or serious lover of art. My art is not meant to match your couch or the paint on the walls in your hall way. This art is meant to be looked at , concentrated upon and it is meant to , at least I think so, raise your awareness of the mystery of life.

To order prints, simply click the PayPal button, add the correct cost, the image id ( or description ) and your address. It usually takes about a week to receive the print in North America. If I have your email or if you contact me I can give you the UPS tracking number once the print is shipped.
To purchase originals, simply click the PayPal button as the same way you order prints. Currently I am only selling originals to residents in the Montclair NJ and surrounding areas. I prefer having originals personally delivered by me or picked up by you.

Contact Information

You can email me at Email Me( sidhartha11@yahoo.com )

You can reach me thru text at my phone number : 9086124531